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Monthly Archive for April, 2010

: April, 2010

Defining the Customer

Two recent stories were shared with me this past week that had me shaking my head at the confusion around which entity was the customer and which was the service provider. One was a for-profit

Twitter Dee Twitter Dumb

One of the things that businesses are having to come to grips with is the advent of “social media” or the ability of critics, shoppers, competitors, employees and even business owners to produce their

What Wing Experts Know

If there is one thing that is for certain, there are many Connecticut residents that crave the spicy Buffalo Chicken Wing. For some, it is best served as an appetizer before an entree arrives at the

Time for the Turtles to Stick their Necks Out

The recession caused many businesses to stall any forward progression they had established leading up to that point.  The confluence of the impending election, the collapse of the ability of small

College Grads Take Heed

This is the season when commencement addresses take shape, the restlessness of soon to be graduated students takes over, and old fogeys attempt to share their insights on what it takes to succeed in

Are you Blind or Refuse to See?

The media was all aflutter today on a couple of different stories that all had a common theme – businesses squelching opportunities to succeed in spite of customers being very clear about what it

Are You A Slacktivist?

There is a movement afoot that is occurring at the intersection of social media and people’s desire to do things that make them feel good about themselves.  That corner of the world is where activism

Seek to Offend?

Conventional wisdom maintains that it is in the best interests of a business to be as broad in appeal as possible and to avoid willfully angering any potential or prospective customers.  One of the