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Monthly Archive for July, 2010

: July, 2010

Running the Relay Race

Many businesses began with two or more people excitedly agreeing to put their trust, faith, skills, and future successes in each other’s hands. Plans are made, decisions are reached, enthusiasm and

Customer Service Continuation

On June 11th, 2010, I wrote about an incident that had occurred where a major retailer stumbled in responding to a customer raising an issue with their customer service.  Now, nearly 45 days later, it

Business is not Immune to ID Theft

Most of us have received unsolicited phone calls, emails, and even paper mail warning us of the dangers of identity theft.  The outcomes are dire.  Bills being run up on credit accounts, legal

Business is not a Hobby

An out of state friend and I decided to get together after not seeing each other for over a year. While enjoying New Haven pizza, he began to tell me a tale of woe related to his Father’s business.

Public Power uses Social Media Effectively

Of all of the “hot topics” discussed in the business pages of newspapers, journals, industry publications, on blogs, in electronic bulletin boards, etc, none seem to be more topcial than the use of