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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

: September, 2010

Pain to Train

As the recession is allegedly over and the economy staggers back to a “new normal,” many companies are having to confront the issues surrounding whether or not to train their employees. During the

Folly of Feedback

Business people are no different in their work lives than they are outside of work in that we all want to be appreciated, complimented, and recognized. In fact, we solicit that and often ask others to

You Are Your Record

Although it is far too common for industry analysts, business pundits,consultants,  managers, and entrepreneurs to look for lessons in pro sports and try to apply it to their business with less than

Talent Spiders on the Web

One of the most frustrating activities for both employers and employees is the hiring process.  It is a process marred by stumbles, trips, and false impressions.  Just like going on a blind date, the

Nurse, Purse or Worse

Small business owners are a rare breed. They are willing to invest their own thoughts, labor, equity, expertise, and all of their hopes, dreams, and aspirations into a business without any guarantee