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Monthly Archive for January, 2014

: January, 2014

Innovation Does NOT Start with “Wants and Needs”

Nearly every business SAYS they seek to be innovative and be more responsive to customer or shopper wants and needs.  Unfortunately, that sets up a conflict that companies may not even be aware of –

Sacredness of Retailer and Buyer Relationships

The pundits have come out in full force to assess and analyze the results of this most recently completed holiday season.  Comparisons to last year’s results are dotting the internet and

Growth Through Reduction

Now that the New Year is upon us, nearly all executives are focusing their efforts in creating growth opportunities, expansion of capabilities, opening new accounts, and becoming bigger in one way or

Stop Selling “Stuff”

One of the tasks I occasionally get to do as part of my consulting and coaching assignments is to observe sales people as a “fly on the wall.”  I will accompany a sales person as they meet with their

Can You Afford NOT to Hire a Salesperson?

Generally speaking, most start-ups are staffed by an owner who does everything from production to bookkeeping through selling, and all tasks in between.  In part, that is a cost-savings move at a time