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Monthly Archive for August, 2014

: August, 2014

Are Your KPIs A-OK?

Business planning initiatives are predicated on a fundamental assumption – that we can anticipate the future.  While it makes good sense to do all that we can to put plans in place based on the best

Hungry for Lunch?

    Senior executives have occasionally bemoaned to me how their best laid plans and strategies have fallen flat.  They share how they have expended hours upon hours of their time and their

Projecting Sales Success

One of the most critical concerns a business owner, entrepreneur, or sales manager has is gaining insight into future sales potential.  Given that many businesses are under-capitalized and struggle to

Assessing Assessments

One of the common steps taken by executives and well-intentioned consultants attempting to help businesses meet current or future training needs is to conduct a skills assessment of those presently

Cautions About Skills Assessments

Many companies recognize the importance of aligning their staff’s or employees’ skillsets to the ever changing needs of the business.  As part of that initiative, one of the key steps taken is often