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Monthly Archive for September, 2014

: September, 2014

Circle of Impact

Generally speaking, I am far too cynical of a person to engage in many of the “be the best you can be…human potential…dream it, and you can be it” movements.  However, I do not want to throw the

Business-to-Consumer Selling

Sales people tasked with selling to business buyers are accustomed to making their sales calls or presentations to professional buyers (or at least people who are making purchases in the context of a

Would FDR Approve?

Every school kid has heard the famous quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt used to rally the country during the Great Depression: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” However, many senior executives

What Has Been the Affordable Care Act’s Impact?

  So now that roughly half of a year has gone by from when it the Affordable Care Act (so-called, Obamacare) became policy, it makes sense to take a look at what the impact (so far) has been on