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Monthly Archive for November, 2014

: November, 2014

Turning Sales Sideways

For most businesses, the hunt for new products and services to offer to the market, re-launching existing products and services to re-energize sales that may have gone stale, or re-purposing existing

Stay in Lane or Not?

Eves-dropping on a conversation at a local restaurant between two business people who work for a leading retailer recently, I heard a phrase used I have been hearing with increasing frequency in

Not Always What It Seems

Here it is the fourth quarter of the year and a good number of sales people,  sales executives, and managers are hoping to have a strong end to the year.  Almost analogous to the jockey applying the

Challenging Conventional Hiring Practices

The traditional approach to sourcing, interviewing, selecting, and hiring new employees is being challenged by one Australian company that my have significant repercussions for other companies seeking

Product Adopton Life Cycle

It is the mission of every company to maximize the effectiveness of their product adoption efforts.  Without customers that choose to pay to use the company’s products (or services), the business will