Epic Fail


TAMPA, Fla. — First, Isaac.

Now a hostage crisis.

GOP convention-goers at this very moment are experiencing their own form of air rage, only they’re not on the Tarmac.

And this isn’t JetBlue.

We’ve moved 6.4 miles in two hours on the GOP Express bus — to get to another bus.

The parking lot of Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the “new sombrero” if you’re a football fan, is being used as a secondary staging area for this pitiful excuse for a bus system.

It got so ugly aboard our charter bus that some of the delegates considered calling 911 out of pure desperation.

One woman begged to get off because she was feeling nauseous and claustrophobic.

Not exactly a glowing testimonial for the party that claims to have the solutions to America’s problems.

“This is not the Republican way,” one exasperated delegate said.

Republicans are paying penance for hanging chads.

1:36 a.m. — We’ve transferred to the second bus back to the resort where the Connecticut delegation is staying after traipsing through the morning dew in a grass field.

A 45-minute ride awaits us.

“My last bus was a near riot,” said Jerry Labriola Jr., the Connecticut GOP chairman.

A lunch event with Ann Romney has been moved up to breakfast Wednesday, meaning some delegates in outlying areas will have to be back on the GOP Express at 6 a.m.

Some delegates are clamoring for Waffle House.

Their Tuesday credentials are no longer even valid.

It’s Wednesday.


2:40 a.m. Connecticut delegates finally arrive back at their hotel, nearly three hours after leaving the convention.

Roadkill: raccoon hit by the group’s charter bus along the way.

Bus fittingly takes State Highway 666 en route to hotel.



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Neil Vigdor

3 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Hey Bingoballs,

    While the busway MIGHT have been Rell’s doing….it was Malloy and all of his cronies who actually got it passed.
    Sooooo……since he took ownership of it……it’s all his. And when it fails…..and it will…we’ll all be blamming Danny Boy for pissing away more money from a broke CT

  2. Bingoballs says:

    The BUSWAY, started by Lowell Weicker, a major study done and federal funding approved under John Rowland, budgeted for by M. Jodi Rell during her administration, and started in the Malloy administration. Yet, somehow, this is considered a Malloy boondoggle!!! Go figure!!! One of the biggest detracters of the busway, none other than convicted felon, John Rowland, who states on his radio show that, “in no way, shape, or form, did I have anything to do with the funding of the busway”, had a major study done in his term and was approved for federal funding for the busway in his term, and was budgeted for every year of his term along with M. Jodi Rell’s term, call this one of the worst wastes of taxpayer money. Why doesn’t Rowland mention the Children’s School in Middletown, one of the most politically corrupt and costly projects for the taxpayers, as a major waste of taxpayer money. After all, Rowland would be the perfect person to talk about waste of taxpayer money after he was convicted of corruption while being our Governor, and is now a convicted felon!! What irony, a thief, a corrupt politician, a person still under yet another Federal Investigation for being involved in possible political corrupt activities, talking about a waste of taxpayer money. Where does it stop??? Just because the busway started construction in Malloy’s term doesn’t make it his project. Speaking of projects, what about Rowland’s Front Street Project which cost the taxpayers millions of dollars, where are all the stores, apartments, and boutiques that would draw throngs of visiters and businesses to Hartford?

  3. Palin Smith says:

    The magic bus. Perhaps Dannel Malloy can bail them out with $550,000,000?