Gonzalez bowing out of the race to succeed McKinney

Photo - Nelson GonzalezFairfield resident Nelson Gonzalez, Republican candidate for the Connecticut state senate seat being vacated by Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, announced today that he is ending his campaign.

“I entered this race to give back, to use my extensive business and financial expertise to help our great state confront the severe financial crisis that threatens us all,” Gonzalez said, in a press release. “However, after many months of hard work, I have found that the current nomination process makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for non-politicians to have a fair shot at nomination. Unfortunately, this means that many fresh voices, notwithstanding their qualifications, are barred from contributing to politics.”

Gonzalez thanked the volunteers who worked on his campaign. “I will always cherish the tremendous support I received,” he said.

Genny Reilly