Newton joins Murphy on top line of ballot

In his bid to reclaim the state Senate seat he lost six years ago when sentenced to federal prison on corruption charges, Ernie Newton during Tuesday’s primary was making the most of the fact he won

Roberti staffers primp site for party

With less than an hour to go before polls closed, campaign workers for Democrat Dan Roberti got the Waterbury headquarters ready for a party. Get out the vacuum cleaner, put up more signs. Don’t

The ghost of Blumenthal past

How’s this for irony? Linda McMahon is holding her primary night party for supporters at the Hilton Stamford Hotel, which is part of First Stamford Place. The sleek hotel and office complex is managed

Voter reflections from three Stamford polls

STAMFORD — Twenty-two polling stations are open across Stamford until 8 p.m. Tuesday for the U.S. Senate primaries and Democratic Registrar of Voters election. Here are what voters were saying at

Early McMahon supporter campaigns for Shays

Brendan Ferguson, 15, of Darien was a Linda McMahon supporter until he attended a meet and greet with the republican candidates in Norwalk in March. Christopher Shays, who is running for U.S. Senate

Breaking down the GOP Senate primary

Don’t worry, we’re not in the business of calling Florida for Al Gore or George W. Bush a la the 2000 election. But here’s a primer on things political junkies will be monitoring closely tonight as

Voting picks up slightly in Danbury

Voting officials in Danbury reported that as of 5 p.m., about 20 percent of the city’s registered Republicans had hit the polls, while about 13 percent of registered Democrats had cast their ballots.

Shays: McMahon trying to poach my supporters

Christopher Shays claims Linda McMahon’s campaign is already calling on his key supporters to endorse her for the general election immediately after she wins the primary. “If they lose the election,