West Wing creator hanging with Obama

“West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin is reportedly one of the co-hosts of the Harvey Weinstein reception for President Obamain Westport tonight. Sorkin’s latest show, “The Newsroom,” featured a segment
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Stamford Dems will be in short supply at Obama rally

There won’t be many members of Stamford’s Democratic City Committee present at President Barack Obama’s campaign fundraiser at the Marriott later this evening, according to members of the Party. “From

The Prez’s preferred Stamford hotel

President Barack Obama’s motorcade whisked down Tresser Boulevard after a fundraiser for then-Democratic Senate hopeful Richard Blumenthal at the Stamford Marriott Sept. 16, 2010. STAMFORD — Monday

Ben Harper to perform at Stamford reception

Ben Harper is set to perform tonight for President Barack Obama and guests at his $500-a-plate fundraiser at the Stamford Marriott. Harper has played several shows across the nation over the last
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A look at Weinstein’s Westport abode

Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s is set to co-host a $38,500-a-head fundraiser for the President Barack Obama tonight at his beachfront Westport home. The main home, located at 26 Beachside
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CBS: Anne Hathaway to co-host Westport fundraiser

CBS News reports that the Obama fundraiser set for tonight at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s beachfront home in Westport will be co-hosted by Anne Hathaway and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Paul Newman’s
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Weinstein is big Obama supporter (but not afraid to shoot down his movie pitches)

Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has long been an outspoken supporter of President Barack Obama. Weinstein, who’s co-hosting a $38,500 per head fundraiser for Obama with Anne Hathaway at his
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Politico: Obama lost July fundraising race

President Obama’s Connecticut fundraisers today come as Politico reports this morning that Obama lagged presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney in fundraising in July. This, despite hauling in $75
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