Cafero Backs Fedele for Governor

House Minority Leader Larry Cafero has had a stormy relationship this year with the governor’s office, particularly over the deals Gov. Rell has cut with majority Democrats. Today, though, Cafero, R-Norwalk, endorsed Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele to succeed her.

Here’s some of Fedele’s new release:

“I know what kind of man Mike Fedele is, I know what kind of Governor he will make and I am proud to endorse him,” Cafero said. “Mike Fedele has the knowledge, the vision and the values to align Connecticut’s state government with fiscal reality.  The reality is that families, businesses and even other state governments have made hard choices in order to survive — while Connecticut Democrats continue to pretend that reality does not exist. I believe Mike Fedele will open the blinds and deliver a resounding wake-up call. Mike Fedele has been a personal friend of mine for over 20 years. I have served with him in the State Legislature, I have worked with him as Lt. Governor.  Mike Fedele possesses both the Legislative and Executive experience we need today in order to get the job done tomorrow. Mike Fedele is also a very compassionate person,” said Cafero, “He is someone who knows how to make the tough fiscal decisions our state needs right now while also understanding the personal sacrifices that goes with each cut, consolidation or privatization of a government service.”
“I am especially proud to have Larry’s support in my campaign for Governor,” Fedele said. “As Republicans, we have had the difficult task of fighting against huge Democrat majorities and Larry has worked very hard – and very successfully — to bring Republican values to the budget debate.  Larry and his fellow Republican lawmakers may be outnumbered, but they have never been out-worked or out-thought.  In November, I believe voters will embrace the Republican values and policies that Larry and his caucus have stood for.”