Dannel Malloy, First Gubernatorial Candidate to Have Public Financing, Has $4.5 Million Left, Three Weeks Before Election

Republican Tom Foley’s financial statements for this period are not yet posted on the State Elections Enforcement Commission’s website, but Democrat Dan Malloy’s are. He’s raised a total of $8.7 million and has $4.5 million left. The big recipients in this quarter are Malloy’s TV crew, SKD Knickerbocker, in Washington, with nearly $700,000. Global Strategies Group Communications LLC of New York reaped about $56,000. Unlike Foley, who calls public financing a waste of taxpayer’s money, Malloy was the first gubernatorial candidate to participate in the voluntary financing program established in the state’s 2005 law, financing statewide and General Assembly races with so-called surplus property that the state treasurer administers.

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