Gov Malloy – no John Rowland – will continue his string of “serious” speeches early tomorrow at the Middlesex Chamber breakfast

johnnyGIt’s an occasion where past governors had fun at the expense of others. John G. Rowland, before he was the disgraced former governor, would tee up the laughing throng at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce breakfast every pre-Christmas by cracking wise about public figures. That was before December 2003, when his third term began to unravel amid revelations of corruption. “Go ahead honey. What more can they do to us?” was the line Rowland used before his wife went off on reporters that year at the breakfast. By July, 2004, Good Time Johnny Rowland had resigned office, on his way to 10 months in federal prison on a corruption plea. Jodi Rell tried to revive the jovial, holiday aspects of the annual breakfast.

Not Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, whose third keynote address tomorrow is expected to be more wonkish rather than witty, again. The event is a sellout and starts at 7 o’clock. Malloy will hit the stump at 8:15 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell.