Senate Minority Leader John McKinney wants Education Commission Stefan Pryor’s head on a platter. Malloy’s chief of staff calls it political posing

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, R-Fairfield:

“Commissioner Pryor’s chief assignment was to implement Governor Malloy’s education reform initiatives, including Common Core and teacher evaluations, and he has failed. By choosing to implement these new programs with limited input from teachers and on an overly ambitious schedule, both the governor and the commissioner have lost the confidence of parents and educators across our state. The roll-out has been met with confusion and frustration by teachers, administrators and parents. As we take a step back and reassess the implementation of education reform in Connecticut, I feel it is imperative to do so with new leadership. This time, the department must listen to parents, teachers, administrators and students, and learn from the examples, both good and bad, of state’s that began the implementation of Common Core before us.  There is a national debate on the effectiveness of the new common core curriculum, the smarter balance tests that accompany the new curriculum, and their eventual effect on the evaluation of teachers.  No matter where one stands on these issues, it is clear to me that successful education reform needs be accomplished through new leadership that earns the respect of those most affected by such major changes – parents, teachers, and administrators.”

Mark Ojakian, Gov. Malloy’s chief of staff:

“Time and again, Senator McKinney has proven that there is literally nothing he won’t say if he thinks it will bring him press attention.  While the administration is working with teachers and parents to improve public education, John McKinney is working to further his political ambitions by scoring political points at the expense of Connecticut’s children.  It’s beneath his office and, frankly shameless, even for him.”