Connecticut taxman warns of “Lien on Me” scams

sullyKevin B. Sullivan, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, is warning homeowners about a newly discovered scam that claims governmental agencies are slapping liens on victims’ property.

“The holidays are approaching, but crooks never take time off and they are always developing new schemes to take your money away.  Impersonating government officials is a popular ploy and it is being used in the letters sent to victims claiming that DRS and the IRS filed property liens against the victim,” Sullivan says. The messages tell homeowners to call an 800 number. Con artists then attempt to frighten people into sending payment.

“We have shared this information with the Connecticut Attorney General and the Connecticut Intelligence Center with Homeland Security in the hope of stopping these thieves,” Sullivan says. “We will also post information on our website and in our offices warning taxpayers about this scam. If anyone receives any phone calls, emails, letters, or other communication claiming to be from the IRS or DRS and demands immediate payment for taxes, contact our department immediately. All phone numbers and methods for contacting DRS can be found on the DRS website at”