Laura Ingraham gives Themis Klarides a field promotion

themisConnecticut’s House Minority Leader Themis Klarides this week criticized Gov. Malloy for attracting national publicity generally as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and for calling Republican opposition to some of the Second Chance Society provisions as racially motivated. So today Klarides was on conservative icon Laura Ingraham’s radio show. Be that as it may, but Ingraham apparently gave Klarides a field promotion. Or maybe she misunderstood to whom she was talking, calling Klarides “Congresswoman” a couple times during a lecture on how Connecticut Republicans should lure voters from the clutches of Democrats. Klarides said that Malloy is getting his “playbook from Obama.” Ingraham pointed out her personal Glastonbury roots, charging “Connecticut taxes up the wahzoo….The real issue,” she lectured Klarides, “is we need Republicans who can win elections….”

Here’s the interview:

This from Devon Puglia, Malloy’s spokesman:


dan6“The Republican House Minority Leader said that the Governor uses a ‘playbook from Obama’ regarding social progress, basic justice, and fairness for all Connecticut residents, no matter their ethnicity. Here’s a newsflash: we do – and we’re proud to. We stand with the President on many issues, criminal justice and social progress included. We would encourage her to pass this important legislation, which will make the future brighter for many residents in our cities.”