Governor Dannel P. Malloy celebrates his (working) 60th birthday

It’s the near depths of the summer and one’s 60th birthday would be a perfect excuse to take a long weekend, or something. But Gov. Malloy was out doing his Ever Ready politician thing this morning, with a trip to Bridgeport to celebrate a green-energy project in the city’s North End. Malloy told the Blogster that he had family and friends up to the Governor’s Residence for a weekend birthday party.
Blogster: “So what’s it like turning 60, since I have a year on you?”
Malloy, laughing: “It’s kind of fun. You know, I’m happy. I’m healthy. Got a good job, got a great wife, got three sons, I’m happy…I think Cathy and I are going to take in a movie. I think that’s the plan.”
For the afternoon, the governor will participate in a ceremony in New Haven commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, in the aldermanic chamber in City Hall there at 3 o’clock.