Endorsements for top of the ticket candidates in Trumbull

Dolores Crooks, wife of former Board of Finance director Bill Crooks, announced her endorsement for incumbent first selectman candidate Tim Herbst today:

Tim Herbst and the Republican candidates have my full support.  My husband, Bill Crooks, encouraged Tim to run for First Selectman; we watched Tim take office and bring “good things to Trumbull.”  Tim is dedicated to the job of First Selectman – his concerns are for the people of Trumbull.  I laugh when I see the opposition’s criticism of Tim.  Do they realize what goes on in the First Selectman’s office? The telephone always rings with some problem or another and Tim does his best to rectify every situation.   Bill used to say that the First Selectman’s job is to satisfy the people of Trumbull and I believe Tim and his administration tries really hard to help all of Trumbull.  Tim, you have my support and I ask everyone to vote for Tim and the Republican candidates on November 8 – Bill is watching from above.

Crooks, who passed away earlier this year, was a well respected leader known for facilitating compromises. Meanwhile, Board of Education members Ted Lovely (a former Republican) and Tom Kelly (a registered Republican)  announced their endorsements of Democratic challenger Mary Beth Thornton:

We are proud to endorse Mary Beth Thornton for First Selectman of Trumbull and Rosemary Seaman for the two year seat on the Board of Education.

We believe that Mary Beth Thornton is the right person to lead Trumbull forward. Mary Beth has a track record of protecting the quality of our fine public schools. Mary Beth has served on the Education Committee of the Town Council, and has been a volunteer science teacher at two elementary schools in Bridgeport. In 2008, Mary Beth worked with our state delegation in Hartford to procure a grant to re-open the Hillcrest Planetarium. We believe that Mary Beth Thornton knows how to strike the right balance and determine funding priorities necessary to preserve the quality of our school system while keeping taxes under control. She has a lifetime of work and life experiences and eight years on the Trumbull Town Council, which make her eminently qualified to be Trumbull’s new First Selectman.

Vinti Singh