Minor problem at the polls in Trumbull

TRUMBULL – There were two minor problems at the polls today, according to Republican Registrar of Voters Bill Holden. Firstly, there was a bake sale at Jane Ryan School that was interfering with voters, Holden said. A voter called in and said she felt pressured by the young salespeople and wrote them a check even though she couldn’t afford it.
Last year, the bake sales at various schools got a little out of hand and the students selling food were bothering voters, Jane Aiello, Democratic Registrar of Voters said. The registrar’s office has control of polling places, and came up with a compromise with the superintendent of schools yesterday to keep the sellers in check.
Secondly, an unofficial party checker was interfering with the process at Middlebrook School. Unofficial party checkers are allowed to check off those who vote for party purposes. The checker at Middlebrook was asking people to repeat their addresses. Holden said that only official checkers may speak to voters.

The numbers as of 4 p.m.: 7,338 people (31 percent) had voted.
The breakdown:
District 1 – 1198
2 – 1088
3 – 1151
4 – 958
5 – 1066
6 – 1078
7 – 799

Vinti Singh