Rep. Jackie Speier outs obscene Marine Facebook page

Woman with black eye who burned the bacon once

Woman with black eye who burned the bacon once

Amid the sudden uproar over sexual assaults in the military following a Pentagon report Tuesday that 26,000 members of the military were assaulted last year, Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, released portions of a Facebook page, “F’N Wook,” denigrating women in the Marine Corps.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Marine Corps Commandant James Amos and deputy inspector general Lynne Halbrooks, Speier said she is confident that “you would also be horrified by the culture of misogyny and sexual harrassment depicted on the website.”

The photos, most of them too obscene to print, are available here in Speier’s letter. Scroll down, they’re at the end. And here’s the site itself. Have at it. Update: link is no longer working. Page apparently taken down.

A whistleblower called the page to Speier’s attention Tuesday.

Speier has been working for two years, with no results, to call attention to military rapes. She has done 25 speeches on the topic on the House floor. She has introduced three pieces of legislation to address the issue, but the House Armed Services Committee, chaired by Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Santa Clarita (Los Angeles County) has refused to hold a hearing.

Speier said there are many similar pages such as “Just the Tip, of the Spear,” “U Suckers Missed Christmas -USMC,” and “POG Boot F..ks.”

The “F’N Wook” page and others like it “promote the idea that women are inferior and only useful as sexual objects and sandwich makers,” Speier said in her letter.

“There are too many examples to recount them all here, but a few of the attached pictures and memes should give you an indication of the tone of the site,” Speier wrote. “You’ll find pictures captioned, ‘This is my rape face;’ ‘She burned my bacon only once,’ above a woman with a black eye; ‘I can bang even when I’m not on my back!’ for a picture of a woman holding a gun….”

Speier asked for a review of the pages and demanded “planned actions or responses” by May 31.

These are the bills Speier has introduced according to her office:

The STOP Act (HR 1593) will take all cases of rape and sexual assault outside of the chain of command by creating an independent office within the military to handle the reporting, investigation, and prosecution of these crimes. The bipartisan bill has 122 cosponors.

The Military Judicial Reform Act (HR 1079) is a bipartisan bill that will strip commanders of the authority to overturn convictions or lessen sentences handed down by judge or jury at a military court martial.

The Protect Our Military Trainees Act (HR 430) is a bipartisan bill that requires the military justice system to acknowledge the power imbalance between trainer and trainee and strictly penalizes any instructor who engages in sexual acts with a trainee during the time of instruction and for 30 days afterward.

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