Report: Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wanna protest military funerals, it’s because of those soldiers that you morons can stand up and voice your pathetic opinions. The the military so much, then get the fuck out of our country! Go try spouting your crap in Iraq, or Afghanistan and see what it gets you! Oh wait the female leader of that church wouldn’t even be allowed to speak freely there! Support your military or get the hell out!

  2. Michelle says:

    Are you freakin kidding me? Shove your heads back up your asses! You are lower than crap and I guess the children are better off not having to live among such complete wastes of flesh! Too bad Adam didn’t visit the church instead!

  3. Gentry says:

    The Westboro boys and girls have the best scam going. There are more lawyers per square foot in the congregation than probably anywhere else in the world. Their business plan is mount protests at funerals, be obnoxious and wait for someone to do something that can be broadly interpreted as restricting the “church” member’s constitutional rights and then they go to the courthouse and file a first amendment lawsuit. It’s a money making scam. So, the best thing to do with these morons is to ignore them. Or do what the Patrior riders did at the last Newton funeral..put so many people arm in arm along the route that the protestors can’t be seen. Not even Westboro lawyers could sue all of them.

  4. […] The group ‘Anonymous’ announced plans of retaliation if the group manages to protest this funeral.  Reddit users announced plans to travel to Newtown to create “a silent blockade during the funeral processions” to hinder any possible Westboro Baptist Church protests. […]

  5. Guillermina Rivera says:

    I had never heard anything like that before.I hardly can’t believe that in fact this kind of people exist. I believe in a merciful God, who is full of love, and compassionate. who die for us in the cross to saved us. …This people should stop calling them self christian.this people are pure Evil and they are only promoting hatred toward the Nation. This was not God will and never mind to say that is wasn’t God judgment. those little angels and teachers didn’t deserve to die like that.Jesus said, “let the children come to me and do not hinder them, because the kindom of heaven belongs to them… i am glad to know that out there are people ready to stop this group to try to have any contact with all the family victims, that are suffering and grieving the lost of their love ones…

  6. Jason says:

    What a sad sad group of people, they are not Christians, they are a hate group and should be labeled as such.

  7. Angela says:

    You are a bunch of SICK SICK indivuals and are not any better then the killers! May you ALL rott in hell!

  8. Tigrrbaby says:

    Link to the reddit thread?

  9. […] to travel to Newtown to create “a silent blockade during the funeral processions” to hinder any possible Westboro Baptist Church protests, according to a CT News blog […]

  10. Linda says:

    I have come up against these individuals a few times. BE CAREFUL they have helpers who video tape everything. THey then use the justice system to sue anyone who does ANYTHING illegal. That is how they make their money to do what they do. I have taken pictures of them doing everything from wiping themselves to standing on the flag. They force the kids to participate. They were protesting a money given to a gay student to go to college in Des Moines Iowa when I researched them also in Dallas Texas at a gay church. THey know no limits.

  11. Vulture says:

    Unfortunately there will not be any PGR presence there. However there many groups that are already committed to shielding the families.

  12. I have seen this group in action down in Topeka, Kansas. They have also been to where we live in Ottumwa, Iowa. And have been chasing off again and again. I don’t think they need to be in Newtown, Ct, for the funeral of these children and adults. They need to go back to Topeka, Kansas and stay there. God take care of those children in his own way. They’re saved for him and he will bless them. The Westboro Church isn’t what it seems to be. They’re evil people that judge others and shouldn’t do that. God doesn’t judge people why should they?

  13. Barb Lee says:

    Hopefully the Patriot Guard will be there – to block the obscene signs of the WBC. If you see them (WBC) holler “Betty Anthony” really loud. Phelps will know who she is and why that will make him cringe.

  14. janet lyons says:

    Please advise me when you will need support in shielding these families from these fanatics. I am so heartbroken for their losses that I would be honored to help preserve their dignity and privacy. Thank you.

  15. Loretta says:

    You people are the devil. You are no better than the killer,who stole these babies lifes. one day you too will be judge for your actions.

  16. JHK says:

    The “people” are the lowest form of scum.