Adam Lanza refused to take his medications

While witness interviews conducted by the FBI are largely redacted in the state police report released Friday, there are some glimpses beginning to emerge about Adam Lanza.

According to one witness statement taken by the FBI on the day of the shooting, Adam Lanza was diagnosed with Aspergers in the sixth grade and “never completely accepted that he had a disease and therefore never took any of his medication he was prescribed.”

The witness goes on to tell investigators that “Adam was in complete denial of his disease from diagnosis and there was not on disability because of this denial.”

The witness, whose name is redacted, also told investigators that Lanza dealt with a great deal of school and societal stresses, the reason that was given as to why Lanza moved to St. Mary’s Catholic School.

“Adam was bullied, but not excessively, for his social awkwardness and his physical gate,” the report states. “Adam continued in school until his 9th grade year when stresses over papers, classes, pressures from grades and dealing with his disease he was finally removed from school.”


Dirk Perrefort