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Lanza’s “episodes” while attending high school

A witness interviewed by FBI investigators shed some light on the “episodes” Adam Lanza had while attending school. According to the witness, who told investigators that he became familiar with the

Adam Lanza refused to take his medications

While witness interviews conducted by the FBI are largely redacted in the state police report released Friday, there are some glimpses beginning to emerge about Adam Lanza. According to one witness

State Police to release Sandy Hook report Friday

State Police officials have informed the families of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School that their lengthy, several thousand page report on the investigation will be released Friday, The

Sandy Hook custodian aids dispatchers while in harms way

With gunshots echoing in the distance, acting head custodian Rick Thorne put thoughts of his own life aside as helped instruct the police response to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

McLachlan to support gun control legislation

State Sen. Michael McLachlan, a staunch conservative from Danbury,  said Wednesday he would support the historic gun control measure before the state legislature. The massacre at Sandy Hook, he said,

Gun industry reacts to proposed legislation

Representatives of the state’s gun industry voiced their outrage Wednesday that proposed gun control laws were done in secrecy and behind closed doors. Jonathan Scalise, the owner of Ammunition and

McKinney reacts to “emotional” vote

State Sen. John McKinney said that while his vote today may be “emotional” that’s not a reason to recuse himself from the historic vote on gun control legislation before the legislature today. “Yes,

A bit of green appears amidst a sea of NRA supporters

Members of the National Rifle Association and gun rights supporters descended early on the State Capitol Thursday for the  historic vote on gun control legislation negotiated in the aftermath of the