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Author: Linda Conner Lambeck

CEA sets date for gubernatorial endorsement

WALLINGFORD _ After an arduous process that include candidate questionnaires, a membership forum and a 28-member Political Action Committee, the Connecticut Education Association said it will have an

Connecticut Working Families Party congratulates Marilyn Moore

BRIDGEPORT – The Connecticut Working Families Party, out in force to support Marilyn Moore in her successful bid to win the Democratic primary in the 22nd Senate District, over incumbent State Senator

Finch reacts to election results

BRIDGEPORT – Mayor Bill Finch issued the following statement late Tuesday on election results that saw him go three for four in his picks advancing. In the fourth, the 22nd Senate District race

Signs of the day…

BRIDGEPORT- If you voted in Bridgeport, no doubt you passed by bright yellow vote “Yes” signs. They were as plentiful, it seemed as Linda McMahon signs, at all city polling places. The signs refered

Meet Troy

  BRIDGEPORT — Wearing bright yellow t-shirts, and carrying bright yellow signs that carried the simple message: “Vote Yes,” those in favor of turning school board selection over to the mayor were

Too young to vote, but able to participate.

They are too young to cast ballots, but John Blashke, 14, a Bunnell High School freshman, as well as sophomores Neileauna Medley, 15, and Alexis Williams, 15, participated in Tuesday’s election

Lines form early in Stratford

  Usually at Johnson House in Stratford, where I vote every other year (our district swings between Johnson and Stratford High depending on the election year), there is no line to speak of at 8 a.m.

UB is offering students free rides to the polls

BRIDGEPORT — University of Bridgeport spokeswoman Leslie Geary says it’s a service offered every year, not just when Mary-Jane Foster, vice president of university relations is waging a hard fought