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Author: Denis O'Malley

State releases report on Sandy Hook charitable response

The state on Tuesday released a lengthy report analyzing the charitable response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook as well as a guide to making donations in the wake of disaster. The report and guide come

FBI: Venezuelan man claimed to be Lanza, threatened Newtown residents

NEWTOWN — Days after the community suffered the loss of 20 children and six educators in one of the country’s worst mass shootings in December 2012, a man in Venezuala called 96 Newtown residents and

Llodra makes statement in advance of report’s release

NEWTOWN — First Selectwoman Pat Llodra took to her blog Monday morning to help brace town residents for the “body blows” headed their way, beginning with this afternoon’s release of a report on the

Mixed feelings in Newtown as report approaches

(UPDATE – 10:57 A.M.) NEWTOWN — Some see it as yet another headline recalling terrible memories. Others in Newtown said the release today of a report on the Sandy Hook shootings will shed no new

Police actively patrolling outside Newtown schools

(UPDATE – 2:25 P.M.)  With the release of the Sandy Hook investigation report imminent, state police have maintained a presence at the site of the demolished school, shoeing away rubber-neckers and