Camp From Afar, Day 2

Lines! Who doesn’t like lines? Lines! (Yes, that’s most of what I could get off Twitter. Been trading voicemails with people around football games and soccer previews. Fun.)


Looks mostly like what they had been running at rookie camp. The top line’s intriguing if they all stick around. We saw a little of that Kabanov-Sundstrom-Persson line, with the wingers on their own sides, last year. The wingers played together a bit, actually, with at least three different guys in between. I don’t remember Kabanov playing on the left, and Persson played mostly on the left. Which kind of makes me wonder if maybe they are on their own sides, but anyway. Will try to track that down along the way. It’s far from the biggest deal in the world, anyway.

I’ve not seen defense pairs. There are 11 guys in that group, two of whom (Reinhart, Pulock) likely can’t play here. As is traditional, of the nine, they’re lefty shots aside from Mayfield. Interested to see who plays the right side. They had the vets on the right last year: Wishart, Landry, McIver almost every night after Hamonic went back up. Jackson did it a bit last year; Keenan, too at the end. Cantin maybe once; Donovan did it playing with him. I’ve got a vague recollection of Ness playing a bit there, but not much.

A little training-camp scrap at practice. (Unofficially and from far away, we hear the college boy gets the decision.) Meanwhile, Riley Wetmore had better protection today than the president.

The preseason games start next week, including that split-squad trip to the Canadian prairies, so a bunch of these guys could get a crack at it.


Meanwhile. Will be laying low for the next little bit, but not going anywhere, so if anything crazy happens, leave me out of it I could be nearby. There is a Bridgeport camp beginning Sept. 23; the Larson release this morning reiterated that. Where that will be has suddenly become unclear. Either way, once they start, not quite two weeks will remain until Season 13.

Michael Fornabaio