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: August, 2008

Eight lifetimes, 19 years ago…

(long and too personal, with housekeeping at the end, which might be your only reason to click on…) Francesa and Russo split up last week, as you might have heard. What struck me hard when I read

Chart tabled

It’s done: Benoit Groulx is the new coach of Rochester, which should wrap up the chart. Here’s Kevin’s story, and his blog post. (C’mon, Gannett, get us an RSS feed on the man’s blog!) Cool story from

Denmark’s not that big, right?

Denmark's not that big, right?

From the bowels of the John DeStefano Jr. Communications Center*, what might happen soon… An interview with: CAROLINE WOZNIACKI THE MODERATOR: Questions for Miss Wozniacki, please. Q: Do you know

Dubie speaks…

…and it probably makes a lot more sense in Russian. (Although I can remember him often saying that “all children are the players of high class.”)

Shave and a haircut

Lindsay reports that Shane Willis is trying out with Syracuse. The Rangers will doubly retire 9 and retire 3 on Feb. 22, which is Bathgate/Howell Night.

For Sert-ain

Andy Sertich re-upped in Utah. That took a while to announce. Rob Murray is official in Providence. That just leaves Rochester to make it official. My undying love for Cul de Sac continues with this

Yeesh. Can’t a guy sleep?

Yeesh. Can't a guy sleep?

Five days and 800-something miles later… Multiple Dineens: Gord takes over the Iowa job that Kevin might have had, moving out from the assistant’s job he had under Kevin last year. Matt Laatsch, a


No time right now for babelfishing, so your help would be appreciated.