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: July, 2006

Gone like a lokomotiv

I loved talking to Sean Bergenheim during the lockout. He was a hawk, an unreconstructed hawk. “Salary cap” was anathema. Some guys parroted the NHLPA line; Bergenheim lived it, and wondered where it

Choice made?

Looks like Rob Collins is indeed finally off to Germany, if this big blowout press release means anything.

Good news, bad news

The good news, and it trumps all, is Dave Baseggio is Peoria’s new coach. The bad news is, given the way the scheduling works in this league, we’ll have to make a special trip to see the man. But hey.

“I play Bobby Dylan. A young Bobby Dylan.”*

"I play Bobby Dylan. A young Bobby Dylan."*

Oh where have you been, my blue-eyed son? And where have you been, my darlin’ young one? Darlin’? Young? Blue-eyed? Heh. But I’ll tell ya. I’ve been in Illinois, hanging out with The Little Punk for a

Did I miss anything?

First and most importantly, deepest condolences to Alan Hahn on the loss of his father. –BPT preseason sked isn’t out officially yet — actually, I’ve spoken to no one in the organization since last

Six quotes in one

“You’re not allowed to rent here anymore!” Did you ever look around and wonder what in the heck you were doing? I’m in one of those troughs right now. For the first time since fourth grade, I’m not as

“Did he just say…”

"Did he just say…"

Coupla things from the day that didn’t make the paper… –Marshall told of standing next to Al Arbour back in the 1990s — a guess here puts it the lockout year Mark I, ’94-95 — watching Lorne

“Something like 36?!”