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On the rebound: Hartford postgame

After Friday’s disaster, this could have gone south. Not tonight “You couldn’t ask for anything better,” Brent Thompson said. “We’ve obviously got great character in the locker room, the leadership.

Math is hard: Hartford pregame

So the magic numbers are in single digits for another spring without playoff hockey in Connecticut. Tough times. But one or the other will get two points tonight in the capital. Bridgeport, tragic

Where dreams go to die: Springfield postgame

This place, huh? “(Bleep) this place,” Connor Jones said. The first of six losses in a row here mathematically ended Bridgeport’s playoff hopes last season. This sixth one didn’t quite do that, but it

New House of Pain: Springfield pregame

Another borderline must-win Bridgeport game. Of course Bridgeport hasn’t actually won here in a while, a streak starting with the biggest regular-season game in team history, which went not-so-well 11

Eansor closer: Thursday notes

Optional today. Among those participating were Michael Dal Colle, still day-to-day (upper), and Scott Eansor. Eansor (upper) has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, Brent Thompson said, and if all goes

Start to finish: Hershey postgame

Hey, remember all those bad starts? Not so much tonight, with a goal 29 seconds in. “I thought our guys were ready to play,” Brent Thompson said. “Credit them. They played hard. They had a good start

Still out: Hershey pregame

The wounded remain wounded, with the apparent exception of Josh Ho-Sang. Bridgeport looks much as it did yesterday morning. Big night, more “disastrous if a loss” than “helpful if a win.” Charlotte’s

Some returns, some not: Tuesday notes

Though three of the four lines today looked pretty familiar, and the defense pairs looked pretty much as they did Sunday, some ins and outs along the way this morning. Michael Dal Colle remains out,

One down: Wilkes-Barre postgame

This may be silly, I said. (Not that that’s stopped me before, I thought.) But, I asked Travis St. Denis, when you’ve come from four goals down to win twice, can that help you look at the standings

Banged up, knocked out: Wilkes-Barre pregame

To complicate Bridgeport’s already tenuous chances at taking a run at this thing the rest of the way, they might be as banged up as they’ve been all year. These past two games are the first times this