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Moving on: Wednesday notes

Kevin Schultz linked up a story from Sweden on Anders Nilsson. Nilsson’s quoted in the story as saying he doesn’t want to play another year in the AHL. Interesting tack after a year that admittedly

Silver pounds Sterling?: Tuesday notes

Got to be honest. My knowledge of the NBA stops around Eighth Avenue, if it gets that far. So when the Clippers weren’t atrocious the past few years, I’d assumed Donald Sterling was no longer

Leduc signs

Loic Leduc’s junior team was knocked out a little too late for him to become ATO 13 and Player 66. He could be around a little earlier next season: The Islanders announced that he’s agreed to terms on

Squared away: Saturday notes

Notes from the stats update: Scooter Vaughan scored three short-handed goals, which led AHL rookies (as well as, um, defensemen, though that’s obviously bookkeeping; he was playing forward). Appears

Julie Chu Day

A reminder that Bridgeport will honor Julie Chu on Sunday afternoon, 2-4, at Wonderland. Details here at the Wizards’ web site (scroll down a bit). “Bring your skates,” said both the flyer and John

Hospitality: Friday playoff wrapup (updated)

There were games in every series but Texas-OKC on Friday night. And a few went to overtime, on the 10th anniversary of the last Game 7 played in Bridgeport, the last time the Sound Tigers had a

Stockton sweeps: Wednesday notes

Without the injured Andrey Pedan (for the second night in a row), Jeremy Langlois and Alan Quine, Stockton finished off a sweep anyway, coming from behind in the third period to beat Ontario 2-1

Wrapper’s delight: Quotes, contracts, notes, etc.

Been a while since I’d seen the barn without the ice in and nothing else going on, just the bare floor. Know I’ve never seen that when they’d just played a road game 36 hours earlier. A few guys were

Thirteen Years Gone: Hartford postgame

So the last day. Poulin’s spectacular, hecklers be damned (we’ll take the sober ones over the drunk ones; that’s a rant for another day). One deflection by a guy untouched at the top of the crease.

Game 76/76: Hartford pregame

Last day of the year. Feels odd with Easter tomorrow, preceding the exit meetings Monday. Feels odd being on the road, for reasons mentioned earlier in the week. Last time around with this group. Last