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“Get to the ‘working overtime’ part!”*

The regular season’s over up top, so there’s no more NHL paychecks. The Islanders recalled all eight guys they’d left hanging around here this week to practice with the Big Club. (If they travel, if

Saturday playoffs: Comebacks For All

Let’s start local albeit 1,500 miles away. Oklahoma City trailed 2-0 early tonight and looked set to go to Charlotte with the same deficit in the series. Then they scored five in a row, the last three

RIP, Tim Taylor

Longtime Yale hockey coach Tim Taylor has died at 71. He’d reportedly been battling cancer and very ill as the Bulldogs were on their run to the national championship earlier this month. Taylor

Two more years for Atkinson

Cam Atkinson signed a two-year extension with the Blue Jackets. He’s had a nice year in Columbus. Atkinson’s eligible to play for Springfield in the playoffs if the Jackets so desire. The Falcons’

Colliton’s Cup: Wednesday notes

As seen on Twitter, a feature on Jeremy Colliton. He reports that he felt fine through the Generals’ run to the Allan Cup, which is great to hear, and that he’s planning to come back to the pro game

Packing up (some for the Island)

The Islanders have made the playoffs. Well played for the Big Club. They’re likely to be joined shortly by a few players who were here. With the Islanders on the road, hanging out in Bridgeport for a

Monday, idle here

Gotta love heading to the rink on a Monday morning knowing its playoff time. Other teams are not so lucky… #WBSPens— Chad Kolarik (@CKolarik) April 22, 2013 That’s, um, former Connecticut

Bring in the closers

They got a little bit from everyone, getting the rookie goal-scoring record from one guy, getting their standout young defenseman a share of the league lead, getting another strong comeback game from

Knocked out

The AHL announced a two-game suspension to Jon Landry for what was called a charging major near the end of Friday’s game. Mike Keenan gets in for him, and Sean Backman wears an ‘A’ in his absence. The

Disenfranchised: Fake Team Awards VIII

Well, that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Ah well. Only eight votes cast this year. (I’m hoping I didn’t miss any because of the Spam Debacle last weekend, but there wasn’t any kind of clamor.)