It must be summer: Monday notes

Tip of cap to all involved: Quite a lovely tribute to Frank Camera on Sunday. Glad to see him. Told him we’d see him in October. So, you know, let’s get a season in October, now.


In preparations for such, Mike Vellucci got back in Wilkes-Barre a couple of guys who helped him win the Calder Cup in Charlotte, including Nick Schilkey, Bridgeport’s first departure of the summer. It was in the back of my head to do up the usual free agents and non-free agents posts, but that news this morning gave me a little shove. So there they are. With big italicized disclaimers up top about how This Summer Is Weird. Might as well make that the blog’s new motto. Kind of a corollary anyway to the old motto of “(Bleep) happens. Every day. When you least expect it.”

And RIP, Ennio Morricone, Nick Cordero and Charlie Daniels.

Michael Fornabaio