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You won’t have…

You won't have…

I’ve been meaning to link to this since Jonathan had it on his blog a while ago… The Globe and Mail reports the NHL has fired Blaine Angus, and more appropriate to this blog, Bob Langdon, Scott

Don’t flip your lid

Don't flip your lid

News that the AHL finally will require visors in the fall reminded me of what Ray Schultz said when I did my first big visors story, which ran back on March 20, 2003*: If visors were required, he’d be

The West is a Rumor

Not even Syracuse next year, so it appears. Four home games with every division rival, five with Hartford, three with Lowell, one each with Manch and Springfield, and two apiece with the other three.

“Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!”*

"Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!"*

So (like Captain America*** noted in the comments), as long rumored (and as basically spilled about a month ago, when started redirecting to this), the Lock Monsters are now the

CJ the Polar Bear

Big News out of Berlin, and I’m not talking about that little Soccer Tournament: Eisbaren announced the Signing of Cole Jarrett, who’ll join little Brother Patrick in the Polar Bears’ Lineup. (Link is

One! One small-market champion!

You’ll get this or you won’t, but… I didn’t notice, but my brother (TLP) points out that Carolina uses a piped-in thunder sound effect. And they used it during Gary Bettman’s words last night.

A big bag of wind

For all the other reasons to root for or against the Hurricanes or the Oilers (even to be happy or not with the matchup), I was fortunate to know I’d be happy for someone, one way or the other. Raffi