Wrapping without wrapping: Wednesday (5/20) notes

This thing still work? Heck, it better: We’re straying from the living room once in a while again. Also I know the rest of the world has no idea what day it is, but I have so much easier a time of it when the calendar isn’t “game day,” “practice day” and “off day”….

Here’s the wrap story that isn’t a wrap story. Have been asked when that traditional season-ending post will come. Um… I feel like I want some sort of certainty about what the NHL is going to do before we get there. Heck, that could come soon.

Brian Lockhart spoke to OVG’s Peter Luukko about operating a building amid a pandemic.

Except for one spot, no big quibbles from me about the All-Rookie Team or All-Star Teams, both of which included ex-Quinnipiac defenseman Brogan Rafferty; had just about everybody in the conversation. But there’s one spot that to me’s pretty glaring: Igor Shesterkin might legitimately be the AHL’s MVP. He went 17-4-3. When he didn’t get the decision, Hartford was, well, awfully recent-vintage Hartford: 14-16-8. Admittedly there’s more than that, but still. (He didn’t qualify as an AHL rookie, despite this being his first North American season, because of his games played in the KHL.)

Elsewhere: Reopening day in Connecticut. I’m a news writer, so. Phase 2 could be next in a month. (Phase 3, of course: profit.) A ways to go to hockey season.

Congratulations to the Stromes.

And RIP, Sam Lloyd, Matt Keough, Don Shula, Roy Horn, Jack Kramer, Heyward Dotson, Little Richard, Jimmy Glenn, Jerry Stiller, Bob Watson, Ronald J. Shurer, Lynn Shelton, Fred Willard, Michael McCaskey, Phyllis George, Astrid Kirchherr, Ken Osmond, Eugene Rossides and Annie Glenn.

Michael Fornabaio