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David Gove has already seen lots of Bridgeport and will see lots more of Bridgeport, traded from Carolina to Pittsburgh. And a former Tiger had a big night tonight: Stephen Valiquette earned his first

Get back

Despite the bug assailing the Islanders, no one unexpectedly was missing from today’s Bridgeport practice. Mark Wotton, in fact, is back. And Jeff Dwyer is up. The lines were the same as they’ve been.

Coincide? Why, is it raining?*

Bridgeport somehow got injected into the speculation on this outdoor-game idea. Old jokes about Kennedy Stadium aside, I cannot see it. In the slightest. Ever. You know how cold it’d be at a game like

Partial liveblog, maybe

Tim Tookey just got booed. Rivalry never dies. State of the league: Dave Andrews said there’s some talk about having an outdoor game, and he threw no cold water on “Hersheypark Stadium” speculation.

Aw-nuts moment

Knocked over a stick rack in the visitors room while talking to Teddy Purcell. Didn’t even realize I was doing it until I was done. Darn it. At least the obsessive-compulsive sorting urge came in

That’s a wrap

That's a wrap

Denis Hamel just skated out to get his gloves off the bench. He got a standing ovation. (Not really. But someone left in the crowd let out a “whooo!” No lie.) Tambellini’s feet are killing him after

Liveblogging dumb thoughts

Y’know, ’cause it’s the Skills Contest, and I should be writing the Aucoin feature… We need an AHL counterpart to the NHL’s Young Stars competition. Get a pool of the AHL veterans and pick two teams

Right at home

Here at the BCVMA, in an auxiliary press box… not at the Holiday Inn, but above… Wait for it… Section 14. This is solid. Storm is across the way dancing to “Twist and Shout.” He’s having too


Steve Regier knew where I was going at the end of the night. He even remembered that it was the franchise’s first shootout. “You’ve been involved in a few of these,” I said, actually thinking he might