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: December, 2005

Ring out the old, light the lamp…

Despite the six goals… See, let’s start here. Since that overtime debacle in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving weekend, the Sound Tigers have killed eight of the last nine five-on-threes against them,

Web sight

Some days as a writer, you just happen to be in the way. I went downstairs at the Spectrum tonight not sure how this 4-1 Bridgeport victory set itself apart from the other games of late. Another good,

To be is to do. To do is to be.

There’s a couple of you Gentle Readers who really ought to be on the BST payroll. That guy bashes Chris Madden in the preseason, and he has a solid first two months. PRussell bashes Wade Dubielewicz

Getting the band back together

The team convened again today. Chris Madden made it back from Ontario, but he might not make it back for Wednesday’s game; there’s talk about scoping out the knee and getting it fixed, since it hasn’t

Fun ‘n’ Games with the Evil Empire

Fun 'n' Games with the Evil Empire

For those who might also be watching the test pattern on Cablevision while waiting to see Rangers-Ottawa… the lovely woman on the customer service line insisted Ch. 24 would kick in just in time for

“Let this abomination unto the Lord begin!”

"Let this abomination unto the Lord begin!"

From a Bridgeport perspective, you could call this an evening ruined by one moment. Bad clear, thrown back down low, deflected, rebound deflects back out to the slot, Wade Dubielewicz is helpless as

Where are you?

The weekly topic, as I mentioned last night, is sadly appropriate. It was a fantastic night on the ice, with the best team in the league in the house, and it was witnessed by friends and family. It’s

Turnaround victory?

Well, maybe I oughta stop making excuses for this team. The defensive effort was stellar Wednesday night. Almost perfect. Bruno Gervais was tough back there. Newbie Scott Ford played physically. Chris