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Just deserts

Starting point, maybe. (Precisely one point, after all.) They did, as Scott Pellerin said, “do a lot of good things. I can only say so much. … We’ve got to find a way to get through, find a ways to be

Back from break

(And not just Colby Cohen) Bridgeport looks pretty much like it did last night, so that’s a good start. No Johan Sundstrom, but Matt Watkins apparently returns at full strength. Kirill Kabanov on home

Unclear Day

Wondering how Clear Day was going to work with the late NHL trade deadline? Well, reports Tim Leone, Hershey president Doug Yingst says it won’t, really: Yingst says there will be an AHL trade

“How did 64 get into it?”: All-star liveblog

Thoughts here and there on the all-star game… –To me the most interesting thing out of the State of the League presser this morning: Dave Andrews said the league is willing to work with the NHL’s

All-star fun, Day 1

Sorry for the lack of contact; wireless was spotty earlier. As tweeted, nothing all that thrilling from the local perspective. Matt Donovan salvaged an OK first hardest-shot with a 98.1 on his second.

Norfolk Liveblog 2: all-star break edition

Pete Michaud once again on Norfolk’s broadcast. Following Twitter reports from Jamie, Pete, the Ads’ official feed and their play-by-play account. The box will be here. It’s a 7:15 start. Pete will be

Saturday morning notes

A few bits for a Saturday morning when the team’s hundreds of miles away: –The AHL announced its all-star starters, and a quarter of them are local: Nino Niederreiter and Matt Donovan in the East;

Norfolk off the radio 1

A scheduled 7:30 start in Norfolk, where apparently the weather’s bad enough for them to send out the “yes, we’re playing tonight” press release this afternoon. We’ll as usual have Pete Michaud up on

Going where it’s warm(er)

It’s 20 here; it’s 28 in Norfolk. Fair trade; I’ll take it. (Looks like they’re right about on that snow/rain/ice line for tomorrow. It’ll be 40 there by Saturday, though. Where do we sign?) The Sound

Still here

Same cast of characters at Wonderland today as yesterday, with Matt Watkins still in red; he’ll make the trip and see how he is day-by-day. Scott Pellerin said Johan Sundstrom had a workout scheduled