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: October, 2009

News from 1930 – and this morning (and ADDED Alaska)

No Haskins this morning, but Greg Mauldin and Jesse Joensuu were out there (on a line with Justin DiBenedetto), as was Dustin Kohn on defense. Do they play tomorrow? “Not sure yet,” Jack Capuano said.

Bits and pieces

–Same cast of characters as yesterday. Some if not all of the dinged-up will skate tomorrow and see how it goes, and then they’ll have a chance to make some decisions for the road trip. –Katie

Tuesdays in Shelton

All the dings left the Sound Tigers almost short-handed today. (Not quite. Still had more guys than they usually did in 2002.) Missing were Tyler Haskins, Jesse Joensuu (with a pretty pronounced limp,

Koskinen out

As tweeted earlier from somewhere in West Haven and as released about the same time, Mikko Koskinen will miss eight to 10 weeks with a torn hip labrum. Details about the injury — which hip, for

Lots of stars

You know it’s a good night for a team when you have to work to pick only three stars. DiBenedetto-Lawson-Bentivoglio is a fine choice, but I can’t leave Marcinko out. Not sure how I could leave

Rats arrive

Game 10 already. We’re an eighth of the way done. Or, to look at it more brightly, an eighth of the way to springtime. Much shakeup for the Bridgeport lineup, including the season debut of Mark Flood

Shoot the puck, Barry

So they don’t score in 170 minutes, and Capuano’s proud. They win a game, and he’s aggravated. Mad at the backcheck on the goal (Mr. Letestu probably was lonely). Mad at the lack of willingness to pay

When you expect a bloodbath…

There are nights you expect the gates of hell to open up, and they just don’t. Then there are nights like two weeks ago. Tonight’s lineup has the clear potential for chaos. Brookbank had words for

OT: Thoughts from a dark road trip

Nothing to see here… –There are certain immutable truths. If you leave Manchester’s city limits at midnight, you’re not getting home until 3. It’s that simple. –The Platters, in time-honored


No goals in 126:40 (81 shots), no even-strength goals in 187:56, but even that was an extra-attacker goal, so no goals with equal skaters in 246:40. Bridgeport’s longest scoreless streak since the