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The long week continues

There’s a seventh game in Portland-Hershey, a series that looked over in the second intermission Monday night. And there’s not even a fifth game in Milwaukee-Grand Rapids, with a team that’s just

Begin the long week

Springfield announces its coach today. Sounds like we’ll be interested. (Afternoon update: Yup, it’s official. Steve Stirling is the Falcons’ new coach. Good to see him back behind a bench.) Keep them

Give a hoot: Read a book!*

Since I’ve thrown one down on the comments to the last post… You have any nicknames for people, places or, particularly, players that make absolutely no sense to anyone else? A few years ago, my Dad


Ouch. Speaking of Sweden, there’s apparently reports out of Europe that defenseman Johan Halvardsson and the Islanders have agreed to terms. No apparent confirmation from the Isles, but it makes

Things change

So by now you’ve probably seen the blurb in Tuesday’s paper. Bill McLaughlin won’t be back as the voice of the Sound Tigers in the fall. The backhanded good news is that that’s all. No horror stories.

Nice to be missed…

Yeesh, take a few days to get back on the horse, and the “where are you”s start! What’s Anon 12:17 gonna do when I go on vacation? (Hi, buddy!!!) Ump: As I go to bed Thursday, I’ve not heard/seen


Despite that I never like picking teams that have played seven games against teams that won in a sweep, I would totally have called Hershey vs. WBS (or Hershey vs. Bridgeport) a tossup, just like

Tomi Boy

Hat tip to e-mailer TJ, who saw the Frolunda Indians have announced the signing of Tomi Pettinen. I can’t read Swedish, but I have been told it’s a two-year deal with a June 15 NHL out clause…

Big first game

Sean Bergenheim had the tying goal in Finland’s 5-3 win over Slovenia to open the World Championship. The U.S. beat Norway 3-1.

Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy

“They say the game is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. … I don’t know if that’s 100 percent true, but…” — Masi Marjamaki I love this time of year… I hate this moment in this time of