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: May, 2020

Early news: Thursday (5/28) notes

Was kind of hoping to avoid a blog post until tomorrow, when the AHL should announce its MVP and wrap up the 2019-20 awards season. Ah well: The Big Club got busy, took care of a bunch of draft-pick

Wrapping without wrapping: Wednesday (5/20) notes

This thing still work? Heck, it better: We’re straying from the living room once in a while again. Also I know the rest of the world has no idea what day it is, but I have so much easier a time of it

The inevitable: 2019-20 season over

The AHL made the announcement this morning. Sound Tigers refund/credit info here.

One Weird Year: Fake Team Awards XV

This unprecedentedly strange season, which began with a slew of injuries and ended suddenly with a pandemic, produced a weird year in our little ballot. Six votes. Not a lot. Not enough to decide one