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: November, 2005

Hersheypark Unhappy*

Here’s the funny part: The Undisciplined Team lost to the undisciplined team. Bridgeport scored its third goal with J.F. Fortin in the box for a meltdown. (And at that point, Sean Bergenheim might

Upsy daisy

Wyatt Smith was already going up, and Sean Bergenheim was plucked off the ice this morning to head to the Island as well. Whether either, both or neither comes back to play Wednesday at Hershey, well,

“Aw, darn, it’s in tune”

"Aw, darn, it's in tune"

Wow. All-around wow. Lotsa driving now complete this weekend, and I’m feeling it. (If you’re just joining us, where have you been? I don’t want to hear any “holiday” excuses, either, there, Madonna.

Unhappy returns

Not how Chris Madden wanted to come home. The kid across the way played a pretty good game, made some big stops, none bigger than a couple of breakaways on Sean Bergenheim and Masi Marjamaki, and then

Right Smack-Dab Out of Date

Live from the Onondaga Country War Memorial Auditorium… (If I have to call it “Oncenter,” I want to spell it all out: Onondaga County Convention Center and War Memorial Auditorium…) There are few

Travel fun: Syracuse edition

Liveblogging the road trip… So after the Thanksgiving morning game Thursday, I had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat, courtesy of my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron in Sherman, Conn. After a nice

Happy Thanksgiving

We could have audibled this week, but coach told me to stick with the play we had called. So this week’s weekly feature is on Jeremy Colliton, based on interviews conducted about five hours before

Called: Colliton

Messing up innumerable feature stories (don’t ask), Jeremy Colliton has been recalled to the New York Islanders. He could make his NHL debut Wednesday night against Buffalo.

Where’s Jim Schoenfeld when you need him?