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Beckless: Saturday notes

The Islanders called up Taylor Beck this morning under emergency conditions for their game today in New Jersey. “He’s played two really solid games,” Brent Thompson said. “They needed a wing, and he

Berkshire Leaguing: Albany unliveblog

RIP, AHL Berkshire League. We miss you. Plus this Atlantic Division totally should’ve been called the East. Plus the North totally should’ve been the Empire Plus or something like that. Did you know

Rest period: Thursday notes

All hands on deck for the Sound Tigers this morning at Wonderland, including the rested Scott Mayfield. It appears clear that, if there’s a call, Mayfield’d be the guy. It’s just not clear if or when.

Sub-standard: Springfield postgame

If the Sound Tigers turned the corner on Sunday, they did it the wrong way on a one-way street. If they set a standard Sunday, this was nonstandard. “Yeah, I’m surprised, to be honest,” Thompson said.

Without Mayfield: Springfield pregame

Scott Mayfield is not on the ice for warmup, and he’s healthy as far as I know. The Islanders have six defensemen healthy up top. These facts could be related, could not, but if they’re keeping

Picker titled, status quo: Tuesday notes

He has basically held the job since they let Howard Saffan go back in June, but the Islanders today finally put the title of president of the Sound Tigers on Michael Picker. He remains senior vice

Attempting comebacks: St. John’s liveblog 2

Bridgeport has dropped all the way from first to third in the (wait, what’s it again? Ah, yeah) Atlantic Division. Two games mean a lot. Sort of. Kind of. (Percentage points!) We’ll be listening to

Attention distracted: St. John’s liveblog 1

RE This could get really awkward… #TakeTheCrown— Missouri Mavericks (@MissouriMavs) October 24, 2015 Not saying the Mavericks are dead to us for the next couple of

SHG for D: Friday notes

Interesting little note picked up in passing yesterday: Last week — in two nights, actually — Adam Pelech became the fourth Bridgeport defenseman to score two short-handed goals in a season. One was

Traveling men: Thursday notes

Accidentally put a coffee-can lid on a hot burner on the stove. That was fun. If I don’t make sense, send help. Or, you know, less sense than usual. Anyway. Connor Jones has practiced as a fourth