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: April, 2020

Two-D: Thursday notes

Darryl Hunt came through and got us down to two, Washington/Hershey and the Islanders/Sound Tigers, who hadn’t announced a transaction since the pause. Well you’re up, Bears. The Sound Tigers

Call For Votes, why not: Fake Team Awards XV

There’s no sign this thing’s coming around anytime soon. I’m writing about town budgets. So what the heck. One more time: It’s time yet again (fifteen years!) to vote for our Fake Team Awards. (Tell

New (future) guy: Tuesday notes

If work ever slowed down, a project I wanted to do was to figure out if the Islanders were the only team that hadn’t announced a transaction during the Pause. Technically they still haven’t, but:

It’s everywhere: April 22 notes

(Did I say I was gonna check in once in a while? Well, it’s been a while. And I barely know who I am anymore.) In German: Yannick Rathgeb and Federica Boschung had COVID-19 back home in Switzerland,

RIP, Colby Cave

The world is invisibly on fire, and nothing is right. We huddle in small gatherings, thankful for what we have and hopeful for good news from others. We marvel at those running into the fire to treat

Community love: Monday (4/6) notes

Hi. Long time, etc. Hope you all are doing OK and riding this thing out as best you can. A couple of actual hockey notes today: The AHL announced its Man of the Year nominees, and Bridgeport’s is