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Trivia answer

Hey, I didn’t promise this would be good, did I? OK.

Even if nobody else sings along

Everyone remembered to watch (or at least tape) Lost, right? Where we learned for certain that what’s in the hatch is — SPOILER ALERT — Mama Cass records? (Yes, in case the visual didn’t tip you

Sims to be hockey season

(Is that the first of many bad puns, or did I drop one before? Either way, many apologies.) OK, who’s ready? Chris Madden plays the first half of the game at Simsbury Wednesday night; Frederic

Trivia time! (What the heck.)

Let’s have a little fun and see who’s reading this thing. Carolina released Jim Cummins on Saturday. Cummins holds a special place in Sound Tigers history; you might say, in a way, that he’s No. 124,

Ne Cede Malis

Syosset’s a bit of a commute for a 10 a.m. practice, even if it is for a Cole Jarrett story. But I rolled out of bed. Had to go boldly against misfortune. Most of practice, for me, was spent figuring

And starting in goal, number e…

Y’know… I know it’s training camp, and there’s gonna be some weird numbers out there… But when one top line is 82-92-68 (Martin Straka-Michael Nylander-Jaromir Jagr)… and the other’s is 21-79-81

Here it begins

A lot of my favorite songs, weirdly, have some kind of anxiety component to them*. A kind of a separation anxiety, I guess. “I Fought the Law.” I miss my baby, and-a good… fun. (That’s what Sonny

Bonus content! (Kind of)

You might have noticed… space in print has been at a premium lately. Lots going on all at once. So a story I wrote up Thursday, after a brief morning chat with Dave Baseggio, had to be held; it’s

Afternoon update

Three things worth noting this afternoon…

Petty Jealousies

Cole Jarrett is scoring goals, Mike Milbury is making a mockery of my amateur BST depth chart by saying he might keep 23 instead of 22… …Mark Parrish is walking in at 6 a.m., and the NY corps is