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: February, 2006

Inside jokes, virus-style

This is what I get for talking to security guards. And Koalska. All is supposedly status quo at the moment. And we might get some answers tomorrow. Bonus content part 1, nothing of significance but

“It thinks it’s people”

"It thinks it's people"

In the ongoing quest for a Simpsons quote for all situations, I use the above one occasionally*. It probably doesn’t sound flattering, but I tend to mean it fondly, because it applies to my own brand

Du gamla, Du fria, Du fj�llh�ga nord

Well that’ll exorcise some demons, eh? It almost seems unfair that Finland can play so well, stun the world throughout this tournament, lose its first game and go back to the real world in second.

Eight and Hoberg

In all, Bridgeport and Lowell played 480 minutes, 17 seconds this season. Lowell led for just 18:29. The teams were tied for only 124:50. That’s freaky. A huge special-teams effort in the second

Arrivals downstairs, departures upstairs

Tomorrow’s stories will be a lot of ins and outs, so here’s a sneak preview… IN: Tomi Pettinen from the Islanders, who was at practice today. Mark Lee from Trenton, who was not. Probably Rob Collins

Four on the floor

Trivia time: 1) Sean Bergenheim’s was the third natural hat trick in Sound Tigers history. Who had the other two? 2) Who else has scored four in a game for Bridgeport? Answer to 1 below. Answer to 2:

Heightened awareness

(BTW, the no-real-news news is on the comments of the previous post.) Got this press release from Danbury today (trimming sponsorship details and some boilerplate): NEW YORK WOMAN SUITS UP FOR

Captain Courageous

By far the best thing about today’s game came afterward. There was a crowd around the coaches’ offices as I was about to leave the dressing room. And for good reason. Kevin Colley had stopped by after

Big game hunter

Cute stuff in the morning story from Dieter Kochan, whose journey back to Bridgeport took him from Russia to a Russian hospital to home to Portland. He was good. He was typical. Bridgeport wishes it