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: September, 2013

Icing hybridized

As we noted last week, the AHL was going to follow suit with whatever the NHL decided about icing. The NHL voted to go with hybrid icing (no-touch, but it can be waved off if the attacking player will

Isles cut to 23

Nothing stunning in what the Islanders did today to get to 23. Matt Donovan and Brock Nelson stick, as does Griffin Reinhart, at least for the moment. They kept 13-8-2, sending down Joe Finley along

Finley on waivers

Bob McKenzie first reported this morning that Joe Finley is on waivers. If he clears, he’s eligible to be sent to Bridgeport. Finley has been practicing with that Syosset/don’t-call-it-Bridgeport

First cuts ’13/Quine signs (updated)

Basically the only two people who survived that mini-Sound Tigers camp this week were two tryouts. Sean Wiles and Brayden Irwin remain on their PTOs; the rest of the cast is headed for California.

Two points for Nelson

Been good knowing you, kid? We’ll know for sure Monday, but a performance like that isn’t going to hurt. The Big Club has another split-squad day Sunday, and then the roster has to be down to 23 by

Portland Pirates of Lewiston

It won’t affect Bridgeport’s schedule, but the Portland Pirates’ lease drama has extended long enough that they announced today they’ll play the whole season in Lewiston. They’re keeping the name and,

Day 2: Tweaks

“R: Lemelin, Luxmore. L: Briggs, Wahl.” –(tentative) partial blogposts from Oct. 5. Arrived to these forward lines: Halmo-Quine-Clark Persson-Sundstrom-Kabanov Diamond-Miller-Wetmore

Rules Changes ’14

Tip of cap to Jason Iacona, who caught that the new rule book has made its appearance. Here are the changes I caught in a side-by-side comparison: –Diagrams: The AHL’s regulation net, like the NHL’s,

Day 1, Group 2

Computer’s in midseason form. Don’t Call It Bridgeport. But there was something resembling Bridgeport on the ice together in Syosset this morning while a different group went at Nassau Coliseum.

Camp, Day 0 (again): Five tryouts

The Islanders haven’t yet disclosed how (or if) they’ll split their group for the next few days, but we’ve at least got the names of Bridgeport’s tryouts: RW Brayden Irwin. Stockton contract. Has two