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Remember hockey? Monday notes

Four months later… The Islanders’ camp roster included seven players who were (at least technically) with Bridgeport when the world shut down: Christopher Gibson, Jakub Skarek, Sebastian Aho, Thomas

It must be summer: Monday notes

Tip of cap to all involved: Quite a lovely tribute to Frank Camera on Sunday. Glad to see him. Told him we’d see him in October. So, you know, let’s get a season in October, now. Edit: Nobody yells

BST Free Agent Scorecard ’20

This Summer Is Weird. We post this before the NHL season is technically over, before NHL contracts technically expire and even before the return-to-play memorandum is approved. Some of these players’

BST Non-Free-Agent Scorecard ’20

Please remember that This Summer Is Weird and we’re posting this much “earlier” in the “league year” than normal. There is still a 2020 Playoff still to come as we type. Some free-agency issues are

Thinking of Frank: Friday notes

Our good friend Frank Camera is ailing. We’re thinking of him. Please share a prayer for a dear friend from my hockey life. Frank Camera is very sick and has been part of CT hockey for over 60 years

Frenzy: Monday/Tuesday/whateverday notes

This Weird Year rolls on. (Oh, yeah, hey, long time, no talk. I know, mostly my fault. But you could click some stories or something, too. #pageviews) We have reached the point in the calendar where

Early news: Thursday (5/28) notes

Was kind of hoping to avoid a blog post until tomorrow, when the AHL should announce its MVP and wrap up the 2019-20 awards season. Ah well: The Big Club got busy, took care of a bunch of draft-pick

Wrapping without wrapping: Wednesday (5/20) notes

This thing still work? Heck, it better: We’re straying from the living room once in a while again. Also I know the rest of the world has no idea what day it is, but I have so much easier a time of it