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: December, 2010

Year (ender) in review

So let’s see. To sum this thing up: –Kevin Poulin’s good. Jeez. Diving across for rebounds, getting beat only on breakaways and deflections… He’s 10-4. Not bad. –The PK has bounced back nicely. And

Plan B1

With a little more time and a little more need for extra bodies than Bridgeport had just before Christmas, Chris Blight returns from Reading on another PTO. Mike Sellitto was sent back to Danbury.

Fighting Sharks

“I really liked the way our D played,” Pat Bingham said. “Our goaltender and D played really well. I thought it was a hard-fought two points.” Can’t argue. The Sharks are a pretty good team. The Sound

No need for Plan C

As foretold in the room this morning, there was a Plan B, and it has arrived in the person of Mike Sellitto, just recently relocated from Louisiana to Danbury. He’s wearing the No. 19 worn most

Quick morning summary

–The big club recently made it official that Jesse Joensuu and Dylan Reese are called up before they hit the road for a week and a half. –Jean Bourbeau was under the weather this morning, so they

Trivia 2010

As has become routine, the paper put together a feature: trivia questions about the news of 2010. I tossed in a couple: –What team knocked the Bridgeport Sound Tigers out of the AHL playoffs and went

Trivia 2010: The Answers

OK, so let’s finish this off. Hope you guys were playing along at home; glad Andy had a good run at most of these. Here’s the original post. The answers to the questions in the paper were, of course,

From belated to late-night

Prescout. Worcester blew a 2-0, first-period lead but won in the bonus round. Condolences to Roy Sommer, whose father died right before Christmas, Eric Lindquist said on the broadcast. Sommer was

Belated notes

Nothing really new today. Same 21, including Kohn, and three as yesterday. Plus, school being out, a few youngsters (on ATOs, no doubt). A short practice, with a lot of games this week. Pat Bingham

Capital idea: Liveblogging Bridgeport-Albany

First time missing an Albany game. Feels weird. We’ll be listening in on Carmine Vetrano on the BST broadcast at AHL Live. The box will appear here. Two refs tonight, Chris Brown and Francis Charron.