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: January, 2006

First time for everything

People ask sometimes if I have favorite players, and I really don’t. Been fortunate in five years to get along with just about everyone who has come through that room, and even with some in the other

Sunday Night Penalty Party!

What we have to take on faith tonight is that, in a 62-minute game, 18 fouls were committed. Not too hard. But we are also asked to take on faith that of those 18 fouls, 14 of them came in pairs —

Old school!

LeagueStat was down tonight, so the stats were messy from the start and remain incomplete, at least at this writing, online. So the ace staff of off-ice officials, at game’s end, had to go old school

He sorta shoots…

The Nilsson Goal from Wednesday night is up at the Sound Tigers’ Web site. About a 2.6M download, Windows Media Player required. (Ben Guite appears not to be in the Boston lineup tonight. Harlan Pratt

Welcome to the house of pain

(Update: Went up early to talk to Ben Guite for the next weekly. Picked a good day, I guess: Guite got the call last night. Pretty awesome.) Shall we run through the litany? Aw, what the heck, I’ve

Lost in transit

Between the skate and the trip here to Providence, the Islanders reassigned Travis Brigley to Springfield. In return, defenseman Harlan Pratt is on his way to the Sound Tigers. (ObNHref: younger

The Dave Karpa Era…

…appears to have lasted as long as the Brendan Yarema era. Karpa has departed for pastures unknown. Not sure what turned the negotiations. The restored D-pairings at the morning skate were all

Conacher, Nemchinov, Malakhov, Vanbiesbrouck…

Joel Bouchard is supposed to be on the Island and could play tonight. No word yet if anybody’s coming down. A clip of the Nilsson goal will hopefully pop up on the BST site sometime in the next couple

Ask the Answer Idiot

Dear Answer Idiot, How do you miss Robert Nilsson’s sick* goal? You’re in the darn building! The press box is at that end, high up in the suite level! No wonder you’re an idiot. Mike F., Van Nest

Did I say two weeks?

Cody Rudkowsky’s knee strain has improved tremendously over the past 24 hours. He skated and took a few shots after practice today and felt pretty good. He won’t go to Wilkes-Barre tomorrow —